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RaffaMusica is a Music Blog whose mission is to provide artists worldwide with a platform to showcase their work and give them a voice at a time when we need music most.

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Emmanuel De La Paix

Emmanuel De La Paix is an Italian-born musician currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. Playful yet introspective, his style reflects his love of ambient and experimental music with references to post-rock, avant garde, and electronic music.

Emmanuel’s latest album, “Rescue Pack,” which was released on October 20, was anticipated by an EP of the same name. The EP is a journey where within 24 minutes, the listener experiences the music become a cinematic soundscape. With soundscaping riverbed elements, the tracks build to a majestic atmosphere that lives and breathes within the listener's curiosity.

“Rescue Pack” is a surreal scenario which feels other-worldly and mysterious. Emmanuel weaves beauty and danger into his lush textures and percussive crisp elements. The sound is made to keep the audience alert because they never know what is coming next. This tension is what makes the EP so unique. The style is authentic and unique, something which needs to be experienced live.


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