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About Me

Raffaela “Raffy” Madaffari was born in New York on November 28, 1987. Being the youngest out of 7 children, Raffy was always the comedian, showcasing her very large personality. Coming from an Italian family, Raffy grew up listening to Italian American music and trying her best to sing along. The first song that she remembers singing along to was “Comm'e Bella A Stagione” by Connie Francis. Starting from a young age, she knew she was meant to be an entertainer. She loved to dance and sing and wanted to be an actress.

When Raffy was 9, she began taking dance lessons, and continued for 10 years, performing advanced tap routines and ballet, even joining a dance company in college. In High School, Raffy sang opera, and was part of the New York State Women’s Chorus. She also made a pretend Radio Station with her friend, where they would record shows on cassette tapes.

In college, Raffy entered the art world, and obtained a degree in Visual Arts. The main mediums she worked in were painting and sculpture. She still paints to this day. Realizing she wasn’t able to find a career in Art, she began teaching children. She became a specialist in infant brain development and worked primarily with children under the age of 2. After about 10 years in teaching, Raffy went back to school, and obtained a certification in Massage Therapy, and is still licensed. She specializes in what’s called “Myofascial Release,” and is certified in Orthopedic Massage.

In 2020, due to COVID, Raffy stopped practicing massage, and during her state’s lockdown, started writing for a website that focuses on the Eurovision Song Contest. From there, she started following a lot of Italian artists, and became friends with some. Because of this, she started promoting their music on her Instagram. After a few months and learning about the issues that artists in Italy faced, she decided to start a website (Raff Music Promos) to interview and help promote various artists. The website launched July 11, 2020, and after seeing its success, she changed the name to RaffaMusica, and is determined more than ever to help the world of art and music live by providing a platform for all artists, regardless of their fame and followers. She believes everybody deserves to have their music heard.

Starting in 2021, RaffaMusica began The Raffa Music Show on Studio Blue Radio, and began releasing her own music on Spotify under the name "Raffæla."

Today, along with RaffaMusica, Raffy designates her time between Massage and RaffaMusica so she can continue continue with her passions!

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