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"Il momento giusto," Fratelli Cortese

With the perfect close to this scorching summer, Fratelli Cortese released their latest song, “Il momento giusto,” on September 16. The duo, made up of brother and sister, Lucia and Gianluca, call this single one of their most intimate songwriting pieces. It is also the third single extracted from their upcoming album, “Figli del mondo.”

“Il momento giusto,” explores one’s journey from childhood to adulthood, in which the subject is the passage of time. Despite our best efforts, we can’t stop or freeze time, and it should only be experiencing the present by living in the moment.

"We always ask ourselves what is the right time to do something, but in reality perhaps the right time does not exist: the right time is just what has just passed when we were wondering"

The song was written and arranged by Lucia and Gianluca Cortese, with the support of Maria Rosaria Valletta on drums and was produced at Sandro Iovanella's SoundLab Caserta.

The cover artwork is by Manuela Bellopede. The official video was created by Andrea Iodice.

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